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Some love for The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon

March 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

On March 3 I was tired. I wasn't too excited for the Sunday night show as they tend to screw up your work week, but I must admit I was a little pumped to hear The Gaslight Anthem play some of my old favorites. 

So there we were, a handful of photographers, standing in the pit of one of the best venues in Michigan. The Fillmore is beautiful, its The Gaslight Anthem stage is not far off the ground, its pit is easy to access and it's not too small, but I have tripped over people's feet before.

The Gaslight Anthem didn't really have an extravagant stage set-up and singer Brian Fallon spent the majority of the first three songs behind his mic playing his guitar. I got the shots I needed, so I found myself just standing in front of him, waiting for something cool to happen. 

He looked at me and kind of raised his eyebrows and smiled, so I put my camera up and he stuck his tongue out for a hot second while I clicked my shutter. I lowered my camera and smiled at him; he laughed and just went on with the song. It definitely turned my night around and made up for the crowd surfer that kicked me in the head during the second song.

Performers interacting or even acknowledging the photographers like that is pretty rare; but when it happens and you're prepared you can get a GREAT shot. 

It's also a great feeling when the performer acknowledges you, as a photographer. You've worked and are working hard to be there and get the best shots you can. Your camera is constantly pointing at the band so it's nice when the performers can "return the favor." 

But some have taken it too far... like Marilyn Manson recently spit into a photographer's mouth. Gross.


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