Amber Stokosa Photography | Some love for Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION and The Intersection

Some love for Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION and The Intersection

April 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Photographing AWOLNATION is always great fun. They were actually the first band I ever shot portraits of (check 'em out).

Okay first of all, no employee I spoke to at the venue knew the set times for the show. So when it looked like they were about done setting the stage up I headed to the pit and stood there, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. A security guy walked up to me and said "Just so you know, they're on time tonight, and don't start for another 20 minutes."

Well that's embarrassing. But also really nice of him to mention that to me instead of just laughing at me standing there, ready to shoot, for the next 20 minutes. 

When it was about time I headed back to the pit. Even though I had my lanyard containing lots of photo passes from past shows hanging from my camera bag, another member of the security staff came up to me and said "Hey, watch out for crowd surfers. If you see us walking up to the barricade just be careful and move out of the way." 

The only other time I've ever been warned about crowd surfers was at Warped Tour, but no matter how seasoned you are it's nice of the security to warn you. I've been kicked in the head and shoved up against the stage before.

Anyway, there were lots of crowd surfers. Lots. Thankfully the pit at the Intersection is super roomy. I still stayed more towards the stage to be safe. But at one point I was a little too close.


Singer Aaron Bruno wanted to step up to the front of the stage in between two monitors, which is right where I was shooting from. I looked at his face through my viewfinder and he was looking right at me; he stepped down inches away from my lens but although he's a pretty crazy guy, he made sure he didn't hurt me or my camera. Nice guy. And obviously I stepped away when I realized what he wanted to do.

Also the lighting was incredibly blue, and it wasn't until after the first three songs that Bruno asked for it to be turned down a bit. But in those situations we can only just do our best. 


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